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Burlington Chiro - Happy Healthy Family

We Help Alleviate These Symptoms

Did you know many common symptoms and health issues can be healed without drugs or operations? Visit us to see how our preventative approach to good health makes it appropriate for all ages …

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Burlington Chiro Testimonials


Don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers are saying about us

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Burlington Chiro - Order Now

Order Now

Order now – We carry many products from natural supplements (vitamins, herbal), cleanses, pain relief gels, orthotic pillows and back supports.

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Burlington Chiro - Acupuncture Facial


The World Health Organization (WHO) lists approximately four dozen different conditions that can legitimately be treated by acupuncture.

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Burlington Chiropractic


The chiropractic profession specializes in natural and preventative health care.

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage improves health and well being by acting on muscular, nervous and circulatory systems.

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Naturopathic medical philosophy is based on the healing power of nature and focuses on how natural medicines and lifestyle changes can support and stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself.

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Burlington Chiro - Orthotics


Orthotics can be the solution to many common foot and leg problems.

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Osteopathy is a manual form of therapy which emphasizes the relationship between the structure and function of the human body.

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Dr. Tom Lopac – Chiropractor

Dr. Tom Lopac

Chiropractor – His love of chiropractic and genuine concern for others are two qualities that impress those who know him well…

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Burlington Chiro - Reflexology


Reflexology is a focused pressure technique, usually directed at the feet or hands. It is based on the premise that there are zones and reflexes on different parts of the body which corresponds to and are related to all […]

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Dr. Kristin Wootton - Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Kristin Wootton

Naturopathic Doctor – She is an award-winning Naturopathic Doctor with a special interest in women’s health, fertility, digestion and stress support …

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Doug Mathieu - Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Doug Mathieu

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner – His extensive background in assessing and treating sports injuries began when he worked with the Toronto Argonauts in 1990 as an assistant athletic therapist …

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Judith Sule - Registered Massage Therapist

Judith Sule

Registered Massage Therapist – She is highly trained in Swedish massage, Hot stone, Mu-xing (Hot bamboo massage), Therapeutic cupping therapy and …

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Adele Bentivegna - Office Management and Admin Support

Adele Bentivegna

Office Management and Admin Support

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